In 2012, Volleyball of the Rockies decided to shake up the summer tournament scene by offering the Mile-Hi Reverse Coed volleyball tournament. In addition to an adult tournament we also added Mile High Juniors which is the perfect time to get your kid out playing some outdoor 2x2 volleyball in the "offseason" after club and before high school.

What is it Mile-Hi Reverse Coed? It is a unique format in which the net is set at women's height and the guy's can't hit or block inside the 10' line...pretty simple, lots of fun.

After 4 years of this unique fun event we decided to try another unique fun format, TRIPS!  It is a midwest favorite and soon to become a Denver one as well.  We will offer 3x3 men's and women's AA/A/BB/B formats and divisions of play.  So get on out to Washington Park for a cheap and fun format!